Philly, we got a bullpen problem -- again

Wednesday, June 30, 2021
The Phillies have a bullpen problem ... yet again
The Phillies are on a record pace for blown saves as the bullpen issues rage on with no end in sight.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- All is right with the world now that I'm back here at the 6abc studios.

But all is NOT right with the Phillies, who are struggling with the same old issues.

How many years have we talked about their beleaguered bullpen? It feels like Groundhog Day.

In the offseason, it's all the team talked about - bolstering the bullpen. It'll be better, they told us.

Instead? It will most assuredly reach epic ineptitude.

The bullpen is virtually guaranteed to set a new franchise record for futility.

The Phillies have blown 21 saves in only 76 games! That's the most in Major League history.

The record is 25 set back in 2004.

This past week, they managed to blow 7 saves in only 6 games!

President Dave Dombrowski made tons of moves this offseason to ensure that this exact thing wouldn't happen.

Trades. Free-agent signings. None of those have mattered.

Here we are inching towards the All-Star break and the Phils sit under .500 and in 4th place in the NL East.

At this point I think you have to point the blame at Joe Girardi, who you could argue has been just as disappointing as his relief pitchers.