Philadelphia Union star surprises 7-year-old fan with cleats after social media post

"I like Cory Burke because he's a striker just like I am. And he's like really cool," said 7-year-old fan Tyler Caruso.
AMBLER, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- A Philadelphia Union player went above and beyond to put a smile on a young fan's face.

This is a story about shoes, but not just any shoes -- special shoes that symbolize big dreams.

The "special" shoes have helped Union striker Cory Burke score countless goals.

"I like Cory Burke because he's a striker just like I am. And he's like really cool. And he's like, just really good," said 7-year-old fan Tyler Caruso.

So the question is: how did the shoes end up in Tyler's hands?

And for the answer we need to go back to last week when Tyler went to watch the Union play Miami.

"So I was at a Union game and so I asked for his cleats and he said, 'No.' And I was kind of upset," said Tyler who lives in Ambler.

A disappointed Tyler came home and vowed that when he was an MLS star someday he'd give his cleats to a little kid after every game. He wouldn't care about the money.

His mom posted that story on social media, tagging Burke. He saw it and responded.

"I did feel bad," said Burke.

(AP Photo/Jason E. Miczek)

And so the Union star surprised the boy by showing up at his house with a pair of cleats, a jersey and a smile.

"I was like, really happy and I thought it was gonna be a lie because like no one does that," said Tyler.

"It was just truly amazing. And we were just completely humbled by his kindness and his generosity. And it's just really like, a message to us how these soccer players and athletes are just so connected with their fans," said the boy's mother, Tina Caruso.

Tyler says he's never going to forget Burke.

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