Philly Youth Strikers helps kids score athletically and academically

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Saturday, October 1, 2022
Philly Youth Strikers helps kids score athletically and academically
At Wynnewood Lanes, kids can pick up a bowling ball and learn how to score strikes and scholarships.

ARDMORE, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- Bowling was in Timmothy Bolden's name and his blood. He grew up watching his parents bowl in a league and they eventually encouraged him to join a youth league of his own.

Bolden went on to fall in love with the sport and play as an adult. But his hobby took a hit after a personal tragedy.

"My mom passed away," he said. "And it hurt me so bad and I just got out of bowling."

Years passed and Bolden's wife suggested they pick up the sport again. And soon enough, they were having the same conversation as Bolden's parents. They decided to enroll their own kids in a youth league.

They chose a program at Center Lanes, which would eventually close down. Still, the Boldens were very active with their children's activities.

"The gentleman that was running the youth bowling league at the time, he allowed me to implement some ideas and programs into the league and eventually after a year or so, he allowed me to take over," said Bolden.

Thus, the program was renamed to "Philly Youth Strikers" and is now housed at Wynnewood Lanes in Ardmore, Pennsylvania. There, kids can join Bolden and other coaches for three Saturdays out of each month to polish their skills.

Bolden's son, Brandon, was a member until he aged out of the program. Under his dad's tutelage, Brandon continued the tradition of falling in love and succeeding with bowling.

"The scores and the experience that I had in college, they would not be there if it wasn't for Philly Youth Strikers," said Brandon.

He and his friends enjoyed three years of championships with Central High School. Now, Brandon comes back to help his dad and interact with new students enrolled in the program.

15-year-old Jaila Chandler said bowling was hard at first, but she dedicated time and energy to learning how to knock down the most pins at once.

"It's taught me that even if you don't get the outcome of something that you want, you still got something," she said. "I just use that for, like, my motivation in life."

In addition to learning life skills, students who are youth players within the United States Bowling Congress can earn scholarship money by succeeding in tournaments.

"When you're sanctioned as a youth, it goes to what's called a smart account," said Bolden. "And then once you graduate high school, if you go to a secondary school, then you can use those scholarship monies towards your tuition, towards books, anything that you need."

Philly Youth Strikers just started its season and plans to run until April or May of 2023. To learn more, contact them at 267-972-3057 or

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