Rage Yoga takes a different approach at relieving stress

Deep breathing, soothing music, and meditation.

All things involved in many yoga practices.

But cursing, beer and heavy metal?

Those are things reserved for a very special type of yogi.

"The technique is different. Instead of calming your mind, you're bringing everything out instead. Instead of just trying to push it out quietly, you're going to push it out, and it's going to be loud," says instructor Amanda Kauffman.

It's called Rage Yoga and, as the name implies, it's all about release.

The new breed of yoga started in Canada, but classes have been popping up around the country, including this brewery in Kansas.

Rage yogis are encouraged to curse, scream, or make obscene gestures if they need to.

And instead of taking water breaks, participants stop to sip a pint.

The founders of Rage Yoga say the classes give people a safe space to let go of their anger, in a healthy way, then wash away those feelings with beer.
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