Philly man who lost mom to crash and was nearly killed himself, leads charge on safety improvements

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Monday, December 11, 2023
Philly man who lost mom to crash leads charge on road improvements
Philly man who lost mom to crash leads charge on road improvements

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- It's considered a dangerous stretch of road in Philadelphia, and for one East Oak Lane man, tragedy has struck twice in two years.

Now, after continued calls for new safety measures, something is finally being done.

"As soon as I went to turn in, boom. I was rear-ended by a car in back of me," said Stanley Kee.

Kee was turning into his apartment complex just off of the 6300 block of Crescentville Road.

The driver had reportedly been speeding when she slammed into his car on Thanksgiving Eve.

"My face hit the steering wheel, my neck went back and hit the headrest of the driver's seat."

Tragedy struck a second time for Kee.

In January 2022, his mother, 64-year-old Angela Kee, was run over and killed by a driver on that very same stretch of road.

For almost two years, he's been calling for something to be done.

"I said they have to do something about this, they need to add speed bumps because if this doesn't, if they don't do this, it's going to wind up happening to someone else, and ended up happening to me."

But now the City is making sure it doesn't happen again.

Action News has now learned that $3 million in traffic calming measures will be going to that stretch.

Councilmember Anthony Phillips has been working with the streets department. In the long term, a raised crosswalk for pedestrians, new lane signals, and consolidated SEPTA stops.

And in the immediate future, speed cushions.

"They will have the speed bumps no later than January," said Phillips.

"It's really sad what happened what happened to Stanley Kee's mother as well as what recently happened to him. We're at a point when this should have been done, and I'm just happy this is happening."