Pa. teen's 10th annual lemonade stand fundraises for special cause

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Saturday, October 28, 2023
Pa. teen's 10th annual lemonade stand fundraises for special cause
Savannah Zeaman started her charity work as a first grader. Today, she opened one final lemonade stand before going away to college.

WARMINSTER, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- It's been a passion for Savannah Zeaman throughout most of her childhood: raising money for cancer research.

"When I was in first grade, my kindergarten teacher passed away from cancer. And her death was the first that I'd ever experienced," she said. "And it was really hard for me and so I wanted to do something to kind of prevent people from feeling that way again."

Zeaman, now a senior at William Tennent High School, has opened a lemonade stand every year since.

Since 2014, Zeaman and her family and friends have raised roughly $32,000. She first donated funds to the American Cancer Society and now focuses her efforts towards Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

Her annual lemonade stand has grown to include baked goods, raffle items, clothing donations, and more.

Her hope is to raise a whopping $20,000 this year to make her grand total reach $50,000 over 10 lemonade stands.

"If that happens I'd probably, like, start crying, like, that would be so amazing," she said. "Like a full circle moment."

Today, Savannah opened her 10th and final lemonade stand before going away to college. She plans to study elementary education and become a teacher like the one who inspired her to open a lemonade stand.

But her fundraising efforts won't stop there.

"After I graduate I would like to still continue, like, volunteering," she said, "And trying to raise money."

Although Savannah's Lemonade Stand is now closed, donations can still be made on their Facebook page.

To see Savannah's Lemonade Stand in action, watch our video above.

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