Adult seat belt habits can affect kids, study says

The busy summer driving season is upon us.

We all know seat belts save lives, but many people don't always buckle up.

A recent study shows drivers who don't wear seat belts are more likely to skip the belts and car seats for their kids as well.

Doctors say parents need to take safety seriously, because accidents do happen.

"Sometimes, it's nobody's fault - things happen. Things we can prevent, of course, is distracted driving. In today's day of constant media - phone use, messaging, and everything else we do - appropriate restraint and focused driving is so important," says Dr. Purva Grover, pediatrician.

The risk of head injuries and death for unbuckled kids is especially high because of their anatomy.

Parents should also remind anyone caring for their child, and driving them to abide by seat belt and car seat laws, as well.
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