Radnor police swear in second-grader as chief for the day

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Thursday, June 9, 2022
Radnor Police swear in second-grader as chief for the day
8-year-old Dominic Glenn wants to become a police officer. Today, he got a taste of his dream!

RADNOR TOWNSHIP, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- "There are challenges to this job and there are sad days or frustrating days," said Radnor Township Police Superintendent Christopher Flanagan. "So, you live for moments like this."

Flanagan had the honor of swearing in 8-year-old Dominic Glenn as honorary chief for the day. The heartwarming ceremony, followed by a tour and police escort to school, is a return to normalcy for a police department that typically engages with the community in-person.

It was a surprise to the second-grade student who comes from a family of community servants. His grandfather, Michael Glenn, recently retired from the Haverford Police Department. Dominic's Godfather is an officer with Radnor Township and his father, Stephen, is a 911 dispatcher.

"He loves playing police officer," said Stephen Glenn. "He even has his own uniform that his grandfather made for him."

Dominic said his favorite parts about the day were the sirens, police K-9, motorcycles, and driving in the police vehicle. His family won the opportunity for today's activities during a school fundraiser.

His tenure as chief ended with a police escort to Ithan Elementary School, where his classmates saluted him on his way through the doors. And it was just as special of a moment for the police officers who made it possible.

"We have to be responsive to our communities and be a part of them," said Superintendent Flanagan. "The police are the people and the people are the police."

The Radnor Township Police Department occasionally welcomes groups for tours in addition to making appearances at block parties and pizza lunches. To learn more about opportunities to engage with their police officers, contact them via their website.

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