Manayunk store has plenty of gadgets to keep you cool

MANAYUNK (WPVI) -- There are tons of products designed to help you beat the heat. They're sold nationwide by an online that just happens to be based right here in Philadelphia.

Welcome to My Cooling Store in Manayunk. Here you'll find all kinds of misting fans as well as cooling towels, head wraps and bandanas.

But what's really interesting is the assortment of cooling vests they sell here, including one by Alpha Cool.

"It is actually powered by a rather large battery here. You press that and then press the button on the front to activate the fans and they circulate to cool you off. It's the only battery-powered cooling vest in the world," said store employee, Robert Cooper Jr.

At almost $100 dollars it isn't cheap, but it could be a worthy investment for a landscaper, construction worker or even a really good gift for someone who works outside or likes to garden.

"This is another cooling vest. This one comes with inserts that you would freeze and you would insert these in the freezer for about two hours. They're made of a sodium solution and you'll get about three to four hours of cooling sensation once you install them into the pads here and wear the vest," said Cooper.

The TechKewl sells for $149.99.

As a mom with two little ones, this is definitely my favorite product. This is the Geeleo cooling pad that stays about 3 to 5-degrees cooler than the ambient temperature around it.

The Geeleo cooling gel stroller liner is $49.95.

"These are the Kool Breeze solar-powered fan hats. They basically have a solar panel installed in the top that indirect sunlight will activate this fan here in the front 10:07))

The cool air circulates around the crown. These hats retail for $35 dollars.

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