Female-focused 'SIX: The Musical' coming to The Academy of Music, March 21-April 9

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Tuesday, March 14, 2023
'SIX: The Musical' lets Henry VIII's 'wives' tell their story
'SIX: The Musical' tells the story of the six wives of Henry VIII and the lives they could have had if they hadn't been with Henry.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- 'SIX: The Musical' turns HIStory into HERstory.

"The story of the six wives of Henry VIII, but told by the six wives," says Frances Egler, Vice President of Theatrical Programming and Presentations for the Philadelphia Orchestra and Kimmel Center.

The performance is presented as a pop concert.

"They are a girl group of pop stars, all trying to claim who is number one in the group," says Erin Ramirez, who is an alternate queen in one of the touring companies of 'SIX.'

Egler says it's all about telling their story - "the lives they could have had if they hadn't been with Henry."

And showing that these women are more than the fates that made them famous.

Ramirez says many people know these women by the saying, "divorced, beheaded, died, divorced, beheaded, and survived."

However, she says, "they shouldn't be grouped together just because of their relationship with the same man."

'SIX: The Musical' won a Tony Award for its Tudor-inspired costumes, which Ramirez describes as "almost like Gothic architecture."

It also won a Tony Award for Best Original Score.

"It's a tribute to different pop styles," says Egler.

The musical also features a multicultural cast.

"They have some ensemble pieces, but each of them has their signature song," she says.

"I think it represents the unspoken voices in history," says Ramirez.

"It's also a lot of just amazing, very catchy power pop songs," says Egler.

Wife number six, Catherine Parr, was the only one to survive and actually outlived Henry VIII.

"Catherine Parr was one of the first women to publish under her own name," says Ramirez.

And in 'SIX,' the contributions of all are remembered and celebrated.

Ramirez says, "They did amazing things for society, for feminism."

And the message of the musical is fierce.

"We can choose how we define ourselves. And we can stand in our power and support each other, rather than tear each other down," says Ramirez.

'SIX: The Musical runs March 21-April 9 at the Academy of Music on the Kimmel Cultural Campus.

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