Art of Aging: Walk and wellness program

SEAFORD, Del. (WPVI) -- The Manor House in Seaford, Delaware sits on the scenic Nanticoke River, so residents are used to taking daily walks.

Deborah Reeves the Manor House Resident Service Director says, "We actually have a mile trail that goes all around our campus."

But, one of the residents suggested they make the walk more intellectually interesting.

"The resident came and said 'could we have labels, plant markers, like you would find in Longwood Gardens, someplace like that." added Reeves.

So now, the residents walk with their smart phones, scanning the QR codes on signs along the path to learn all about the dozens of varieties of trees and plants along the way.

Jonathan Souder is the Fitness Instructor. He says, "So, as they're walking they can take a break, look at the tree, know what it is they're looking at and move on. So, not only are they walking, they're getting some education along the way."

Zeeger DeWilde, a horticulturist and volunteer at US Fish & Wildlife Service stated, "The beauty of it is, the label doesn't only show the name, the botanical name, and the common name. But when you use your smart phone and swipe the little doo-dad under the name, it will come up on your smart phone."

There's even a picture of it.

It's called the Walk for Wellness program.

"The people here want to go for walks, and not just walk, but learn as they walk," Said Gene Schuler, resident and computer instructor.

Resident, Libby Smith agreed, "Lifelong learning that's our motto."

"I'd never heard of Kwanza Cherry, but they're beautiful and the dogwood is blooming right here," said resident, Sue Fuller.

The concept may go nationwide, as the US Fish and Wildlife Service is looking to install the Walk for Wellness program in some of their parks.
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