South Jersey moms write children's book about parental anxiety

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Sunday, March 20, 2022
South Jersey moms write children's book about parental anxiety
To help fellow moms who feel anxious sometimes, two best friends penned a story that rhymes.

AUDUBON, New Jersey (WPVI) -- "When we started this, we said if it helps one mom, we did our job," said Lindsay Croce. "We're full-time mothers. We work full-time. And then, we found the time to write this book."

Lindsay Croce and Marci Chapman became friends through their husbands. With similarly aged children, the two shared many milestones together.

"We both suffer pretty bad from anxiety and mine really started after I had children," said Chapman. "And Lindsay was always my go-to when I was having a bad day."

During a playdate, the moms noticed their children were enjoying reading books together. That's when they had the idea to channel their own anxiety into something creative.

"We just kind of started coming up with these quotes, and it just started flowing," said Croce.

In a year's time, their brain child was born. "Sometimes Mommy is Anxious: A Little Book About Big Feelings" was published in February 2022.

They hope it encourages fellow moms and their children to break down the stigma surrounding mental health.

"So many people are scared to get help. And I know me personally, I suffered for years before reaching out to my doctor," said Croce. "If we can explain to our children early on that this is okay and really normal, I genuinely think that there might not be a stigma 15 years from now."

Each page of their story ends with the quote, "It's okay. Mommy will always love you." It's a reassurance that no matter the amount of stress, a mother's love can never be extinguished.

To learn more about Croce and Chapman's book, visit their website.

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