Police investigating after at least 4 vehicles set on fire in Southwest Philadelphia

Monday, December 4, 2023
Police investigating string of vehicle fires in Southwest Philly
Police investigating after at least 4 vehicles set on fire in Southwest Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Philadelphia police say an arson investigation is underway after several vehicles were set on fire early Monday morning.

Police say at least four vehicles within a five to six-block area were set on fire in Southwest Philadelphia.

Firefighters began responding to the fires at 2:30 a.m. One was set ablaze near 70th Street and Woodland Avenue.

Then another suspicious car fire involving a silver sedan had to be put out near 72nd Street and Buist Avenue. Video shows the interior of the car charred, and it was still burning by the time Action News got to the scene.

At least five vehicles have been set on fire in Southwest Philadelphia Monday morning.

Action News caught up with the owner of the car, Michael Dudley, on Monday afternoon. He described what happened just before 3 a.m.

"I was sound asleep and something woke me up this morning. I look at the ceiling and there is some red stuff on the ceiling," he said. "I called the police, fire department, made sure my family was ok."

Dudley said he has filed an insurance claim and police report.

"I'm glad I have another vehicle to move myself and my family around in, but knowing there are other cars this probably happened to, and people who don't have another vehicle, I feel terrible," he said.

A dump truck with a large amount of debris was also set on fire in the 6500 block of Glenmore Avenue.

A fourth suspicious car fire was reported just after 6:30 a.m. in the 2100 block of Cobbs Creek Parkway. The owner of the car told Action News he recently bought it and was hoping to fix it and resell it, but now it's destroyed.

The fire marshal has been called and investigators are checking nearby surveillance cameras to find whoever is starting the fires.

There are no reports of injuries and no other information has been released at this time.