PHOTOS: NJ newlyweds want to meet couple who crashed wedding, left $1 gift and card

Wednesday, August 9, 2017
New Jersey newlyweds are searching for this couple who crashed their wedding in Sparta, Sussex County, but not to call them out, but just to meet them.
Joseph Costa / La Moda Studio

SPARTA, N.J. -- In a bizarre twist of events, newlyweds from New Jersey are looking for a couple who crashed their wedding over the weekend - not to call them out, but to meet them.

The wedding happened Sunday at the Rock Island Lake Club in Sparta, and several photos captured the uninvited guests.

On Tuesday night, the wedding photographer, Joseph Costa of La Moda Studio in Fairfield, N.J., saw the story trending online and realized he had plenty of photos of this mystery couple. He even remembered having them pose for a photo during the reception.

The wedding couple's maid of honor, Aimee Boardman, said a tall man with blonde hair caught her attention. She didn't recognize him from the bride's side of the family, and said he just didn't seem to fit in.

Here's the story in Boardman's words:

"The bride also told me the next morning that she believed she might have had wedding crashers. She said she had noticed the couple, assuming the male was her husband's friend that she hadn't met. But then she met that one friend that she hadn't met before, later in the night. She said every time she went to address it she got sidetracked. Then, the next morning she opened the card pictured below with the 'buck for good luck,' it also contained the Polaroid picture below that they took outside."

See that photo here:

Here's a look at the card, which included a $1 gift the crashers called a "buck for luck":

It reads:

Dear Fox's,

1) Congratulations!
2) Sorry for crashing your wedding
3) Best of luck!!

"They did not try to go unnoticed at the wedding, they asked for an extra seat at the table they sat at, they ate dinner, drank, danced (even convincing people at their table to dance and even danced with the bride's nieces)," Boardman said. "Unbelievable!"

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