St. Joseph's University student running 100 days of 5Ks for Alzheimer's research

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- A senior at Saint Joseph's University is taking on a unique challenge for a good cause.

Ethan Widrig is running 100 days of 5-K's as a way to honor his grandmother June and help support Alzheimer's research.

Action News joined him on the track for day 73.

"She would always pick me up when she would come over, even though I was a lot taller than her," he recalled.

His grandmother died six years ago after a long battle with the disease.

Ethan, typically just an occasional runner, wanted to do something big to help - something that would take the entire semester.

"Which would show my dedication and motivation to support a cause I care about," he said.

And he's received a lot of support from friends, classmates and different organizations on campus, who have been joining him for runs.

Ethan has been documenting it all on Instagram. He says some days are easier than others, but he keeps moving forward.

"Mentally you just have to overcome the challenge and make sure you're doing it every day," he said.

So far he has raised more than $4,000 for the Alzheimer's Foundation of America and by the time he finishes, he will have run more than 310 miles - that's close to 12 marathons!

If you would like to donate, CLICK HERE.
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