Strawberry Laser Lipo claims pain-free weight loss

Friday, November 20, 2015
VIDEO: Strawberry Laser Lipo claims pain-free weight loss
A new treatment claims to help you lose inches with no pain and without hitting the gym.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- A new treatment claims to help you lose inches with no pain and without hitting the gym.

It's a treatment that was approved by the FDA a few years ago and local doctors are now starting to use it.

Of course, many were skeptical at first, so we followed one woman through the process to see just how well it worked for her.

She's 50-year-old Colette Klein. She exercises and tries to eat healthy, but still has what she considers a problem area.

She wanted to take a few inches off her belly and sides, but didn't want anything invasive. So, she tried the new Strawberry Laser Lipo.

The first step was taking the before measurements, then Colette was wrapped with the device, 10 minutes for each area.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Lyle Back explained to Action News the treatment uses a cold laser.

"There is something about this laser that allows it to get through outer layers of skin without you feeling it," Back said.

Then he says with no damage to the outer layers, the light goes to the fat cells; they develop pores which begin to open.

"The fat cell begins to empty and it collapses, and its friend does, and its other friend does, and then thousands of these cells all start going like this and emptying," Back said.

That makes the area shrink.

The office also includes vibration technology after treatments. It mimics exercise and is said to help flush the lymphatic system.

Walking is also recommended to help the process.

Dr. Back says Strawberry Laser Lipo has a 95% success rate with the average loss of four inches in an area after eight treatments, but he says many patients lose more.

As for Colette, we caught up with her after her last treatment and measurements. Her grand total of inches lost after eight treatments in one month was nine and three-quarter inches.

"I feel amazing. That's a great result for just lying there doing nothing," Colette said.

And as long as Colette sticks to her healthy lifestyle, her slimmer shape should stick.

This can be used for almost any area of the body, but it's not for people looking to lose a large amount of weight. It's more for people who want to reshape an area.

And it's not recommended for some people with medical problems.

As for the cost, it is about $200 per treatment. However, the cost goes down the more sessions you buy.

Several doctors in our area are now offering the new treatment.


Dr. Lyle Back in Cherry Hill, N.J.

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