Jason and Travis Kelce get emotional talking about their mom on post-Super Bowl podcast

The Kelce brothers also speak about Jason's football future, the slippery field and a baby Kelce update.

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Wednesday, February 15, 2023
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PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- The Super Bowl is over but the Kelce brothers still have a lot more to say.

Good thing they have a podcast!

The Eagles' Jason Kelce and Chiefs' Travis Kelce spoke about their big game experience and what it was like being on opposing teams in the Kelce Bowl on their "New Heights" podcast.

They also got emotional when looking back on their mom's time in the spotlight.

And Travis then asked Jason the question on every Eagles fan's mind - is he coming back?

Here's a recap of the Kelces' post-Super Bowl show:

Feelings Days After Game

Jason says he's still not feeling good after the Birds came up short in Super Bowl LVII, falling to the Kansas City Chiefs 38-35.

"It was a great game. I think everyone can agree with that. That's the kind of game you want to see in the Super Bowl. Both teams playing really well. It was back and forth. It was a fun game to be a part of. Obviously not fun on the outcome for the Eagles. Wish we would have won the game. Both teams played their tails off," Jason said.

"For me, it's feeling worse as the game gets further away. Not trying to be Debbie Downer, but I think after the game, you lose the game but you're proud of the ways guys fought and the way the team played. You just come up just short. But as you get further removed, you can't help but think about the plays that could've been."

He said it's all part of the grieving process.

Jason said "it's weird" because he's happy for his brother and his former coach Andy Reid, but at the same time - "it sucks."

As for Travis, he says it's an extremely gratifying feeling.

"You have all these goals and all these mindsets, it makes you feel like you're on top of the world and you're the best at what you do," Travis said.

Thoughts on State Farm Stadium Field

With the surface seeming to get worse as the night wore on, players from both teams had a hard time keeping their footing on Sunday at State Farm Stadium, leading several to change their cleats during the game.

Eagles left tackle Jordan Mailata said, "It was like playing on a water park."

"The field was not good," Jason said. "It was a slippery field, but that's part of the environment. Certain fields sometimes just are a bit slicker. Pre-game is the time for figuring that out."

Jason said players have multiple sets of cleats depending on the type of conditions of the playing field.

Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts and tight end Dallas Goedert were among the players who changed cleats to get better traction.

He said he didn't have many issues running on the field, but admitted some other players did.

"It was certainly talked about pre-game," Jason said. "Multiple guys came in... saying it was real bad."

"It was not an ideal turf situation," Jason said.

Travis added he didn't have any problems either on the field.

Fans at the Game

The brothers were split on which team had more fans in the stands.

"It was a home game for Philadelphia for sure," Travis admitted. "Chiefs fans showed up, but you could tell there were more Eagles fans."

"I thought the reverse," Jason said. "I thought there were more Chiefs fans there. The Eagles fans who were there, I noticed them when it was loud."

Super Bowl Ending

A questionable late penalty on Eagles cornerback James Bradberry with less than two minutes remaining meant Super Bowl 57 had a bit of an underwhelming finish.

"I never want there to be a questionable call at the end," Travis said. "You hate there was a controversial call at the end. But at the end of the day, I still felt that was an amazing game to play."

The Chiefs were driving and faced third-and-8 at the Eagles' 15-yard line with 1:54 remaining when Kansas City quarterback Patrick Mahomes threw incomplete to JuJu Smith-Schuster. But officials flagged Bradberry for defensive holding, which negated the incompletion and, more importantly, gave the Chiefs a first down.

Replays showed that Bradberry made light contact with Smith-Schuster, though it didn't appear to affect the play much.

Many fans - and some football commentators - disagreed with the call. Former NFL tight end Greg Olsen wasn't happy with the decision on the Fox broadcast and ESPN and Amazon analyst Kirk Herbstreit was also critical on social media.

The only person who didn't seem upset with the call was Bradberry himself.

"It was a holding. I tugged his jersey," Bradberry said. "I was hoping they would let it slide."

Jason said, "Not that conclusion that would have been indicative of how awesome that game was. But still, you guys made less mistakes. We made a few too many mistakes and it ended up costing us."

Meeting Up After the Game

Jason said he was misquoted about what he told his brother on the field after the game.

Jason said he did not say "F--- you, congratulations" to Travis despite multiple reports.

The older Kelce said he knew Travis would feel sorry for him, and he didn't want to bring the mood down for his younger brother.

"I just kind of made an emphasis to go hug you, tell you I love you, congratulations and go be with your teammates," Jason said.

"I told you it was the funnest year of my life," Travis said.

Emotional With Mom

Jason said when he saw Travis after the game, he wasn't that emotional and was still caught up in the game.

But the moment when he saw his mother on the field is when he got emotional.

"Man, it was so awesome," Jason said, fighting back tears. "It was awesome. She was on top of the world for a week."

"She was the heavyweight champ," Travis said, as his eyes started to water, too. "She was on top of it and she shined the whole time. That was the coolest part. Mom, you absolutely killed it. Dad, you've been killing it."

"It was just cool to see her celebrating that with us," Jason said. "It was an awesome moment."

Jason said he was crying after the game, but they weren't tears of sadness - they were tears of joy.

"Still sucked," Jason said. "Sorry, Philadelphia we couldn't f---- get it done."

Travis summed up what the Kelce Bowl and all the hype surrounding it meant to him.

"America, football world, I can't thank you enough for jumping aboard, enjoying our family the way you did, supporting our family the way you did. One of the coolest feelings in the world seeing your family accepted. I love you guys for it," Travis said.

Baby Kelce Update

One thing that did not happen at the Super Bowl - another Kelce being born.

"That baby is still inside Kylie's belly," Jason said.

Jason's wife, Kylie, is 38 weeks pregnant. She made the trip to Arizona with her parents and obstetrician in case the big moment happened at the big game.

Jason was disappointed there wasn't a Super Bowl birth.

"I was actually rooting for Kylie to go into labor and have the baby at the stadium," Jason said. "That's very selfish of me...She does not like that I wished this happened."

Kylie and Jason are already parents of two daughters.

Jason's Future

Before they signed off, Travis asked Jason the question every Eagles fan is wondering: "Are you going to hang it up? Is there a next season?"

"I can't answer that right now," Jason said. "We'll answer that soon enough. I don't know the answer to that right now so I can't answer it. I do know it was a lot of fun this year. I had an amazing team - and time doing this show with my brother.

Jason said he's going to let the "batteries recharge" before he decides on his future.

The Kelce brothers do reveal the "New Heights" podcast will continue after a short hiatus, so stay tuned for more "new news" as they say.


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