Philly Philly! 3rd anniversary of Eagles winning the Super Bowl

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Thursday, February 4, 2021
VIDEO: Action News coverage of the Super Bowl victory
Fans celebrate Eagles Super Bowl win

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Andy Reid may just do it again.

The former Eagles' head coach may bring his Kansas City Chiefs to another Super Bowl championship this Sunday. All he has to do is get through Tom Brady.

Three years ago, that is exactly what the Philadelphia Eagles did.

At the time, Brady, who is leading the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to the big game this year, was the dominating quarterback for the New England Patriots.

But he was no match for Doug Pederson, Nick Foles, and the rest of the Birds.

On February 4, 2018, the Eagles defeated the Patriots 41-33 to win their first Super Bowl title.

As we will probably do every year until the Eagles win another championship, let's look back the biggest play of the game. (In case you missed this past season, there was a quarterback controversy, the Eagles did not make the playoffs, Doug Pederson was fired, and now the team has a new head coach.)

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The long-awaited debut of Nick Sirianni as head coach was underwhelming with vague responses and a coach who may have come off as too green.

Yes, a trip down Super Bowl memory lane would not be complete without reminiscing about the Philly Special trick play.

Foles caught a 1-yard touchdown pass from tight end Trey Burton on the play, giving the Eagles have a 22-12 halftime lead over New England.

It began with Foles suggesting the play to Pederson.

"Philly Philly?" Foles asked.

Pederson replied "Yeah, let's do it."

With 34 seconds left in the half, Foles lined up at quarterback before shifting behind the right side of the offensive line as Corey Clement took the snap. Foles paused at the line of scrimmage before running to the end zone as Burton took a reverse pitch from Clement.

But boy have things changed since then, as Jamie Apody points out, "Nobody... from the assistant who helped come up with this play (Press Taylor), to the offensive coordinator (Frank Reich), to the head coach who gave the OK (Doug Pederson), to the players who carried it out (Nick Foles, Trey Burton), nobody is left on the team."

Eagles fans celebrated through the streets of Philadelphia.

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Philadelphia Eagles fan celebrate the team's victory in Super Bowl LII on Sunday, Feb. 4, 2018. (AP Photo/Julio Cortez)

So Andy Reid, the time is yours..again.

Maybe next year at this time we'll be able to talk about another Super Bowl for the Eagles. But if not, we'll meet back here to talk all things 2018.