Philly Proud: Brother, sister honoring father with acts of kindness

ByJessica Boyington and Heather Grubola via WPVI logo
Tuesday, August 11, 2020
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Rita Christensen and Andrew Bakey combined their skills in business, graphic design and marketing, to create SURVIVED.

Rita Christensen and Andrew Bakey, two siblings of 10 children, came together mid-pandemic to do something for others in honor of their father.

"Our dad, he was an inventor and he wrote down ideas in a book. He came up with games and shortcuts and all kinds of fun things," said Christensen. "But he was also about AOK, and AOK in our house at dinner time, we came home and he said, 'Rita, Andy, George what was your AOK today?'"

AOK stands for Acts of Kindness. They saw some needs for their community and felt compelled to act.

"There's still no visual way to tell if people are healthy or not," said Bakey of Mullica Hill. "Once businesses start opening up, how am I going feel comfortable going into that business and seeing whether or not that business is actually doing the right things to keep the business clean."

So they combined their skills in business, graphic design and marketing, to create "SURVIVED". Wrist bands, window clings, and lawn signs that show others that their business has been cleaned properly and that the staff is healthy.

"All we ask is for (businesses) to take the Pledge of Integrity and promise customers that the window cling and/or lawn sign shows that the business has conscientiously and ethically sanitized their business," said Christensen of Berlin, New Jersey.

The red, yellow and green wristbands can also be used for social situations, like weddings, and even trips to the supermarket.

"The feedback we're getting from the businessmen is, 'Wow I don't have to repetitively or quickly say I'll clean inside.' The window sign says it all-- welcome back we've missed you and we have conscientiously taken that Pledge of Integrity," said Christensen.

To learn more you can visit or call 856.520.3035.