Taylor Swift wrote a check for $1989 to help a fan pay off student loans

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Wednesday, January 14, 2015
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Taylor Swift has some pretty diehard fans, and Swift is their biggest fan, too. After hearing a fan was struggling to pay off student debt, Swift wrote her a check for $1,989 to put toward her education. Watch the video of her fan opening the gift below.

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Taylor Swift has become known for lurking her fans through social media to gathering personal information on them, and she proved she isn't she about it after creating the #Taylurking hashtag. After harvesting data on all her fans, Swift typically leaves endearing comments on their social media profiles and sends them "Swiftmas" presents.

Swift's latest gift recipient was fan Rebekah, who had written on Tumblr about her struggles to pay off her student loans. Naturally, Swift seized the opportunity to make her fan's day.

Rebekah's mother recorded her daughter on video as she opened the huge box full of gifts from Swift. Overcome with emotion, Rebekah opens each individually wrapped in bubble-wrap, hyperventilating all the way. But the biggest gift came in the smallest package: a purse envelope, with a tag attached to it.

Stammering, Rebekah read the tag aloud: "Rebekah, now you're $1,989 closer to paying those student loans."

Rebekah could only peak inside the envelope before gasping, covering her mouth, and bursting into sobs of joy.

Taylor Swift's latest album was titled 1989, after the year she was born.

Overcome with emotion, Rebekah could barely form coherent sentences, before her mom took to thank Swift, herself.

"Taylor, I know you can't see me, but I can see Rebekah and I wanted to thank you so much, said Rebekah's mother, offscreen. "She just thinks the world of you. She thinks you're a very special person."

Other gifts from Swift included a necklace, personalized painting, a poloraid of Swift painting, and a card with a handwritten message from Swift, thanking Rebekah for cheering her on in a video she had previously made.

"Your text posts always crack me up or make me think. I got out my paints for for the first time in a while today and made you something," Swift wrote inside the card. "I'm not a good painter but I think you're so beautiful and positive, even through you're dealing with the stress life brings, so I wanted to make you something. See you on tour, buddy!"

Rebekah, who admitted she was too overwhelmed to thank Swift in the way she wanted, took to Tumblr to express her gratitude:

"I couldn't even form words when I opened everything, luckily my mom took a minute to thank Taylor for me," Rebekah wrote on her Tumblr. "Taylor, thank you, thank you, thank you. I know I've said it and I'll probably say it a million more times because this means more to me than you could imagine, I love you!"