U.S. teens average over 7 hours of screen time a day, study shows

You've probably noticed teenagers these days seem glued to their phones. A new study shows that's not your imagination.

A report by Common Sense Media shows teenagers spend more than seven hours a day being entertained by gazing at screens.

That's up almost 45 minutes since 2015 and it doesn't include time spent doing school work. It does include things like reading e-books, Face-timing with friends and writing code.

But the study says those activities are fairly uncommon. The number one thing kids are doing is watching videos.

The report does not identify the content of those videos or how much attention teens are paying to them.

A screen playing a video while they are doing something else still counts and looking at a phone while watching TV counts double.

Kids 8 to 12 years old look at screens almost five hours a day.

Experts say concerned parents should make sure kids are involved in other activities, engage in content with them and make sure they get proper sleep.
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