Fashion boutique owner offering fresh looks for nearly 50 years in West Philadelphia

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Thursday, March 11, 2021
Boutique owner offering fashionable looks for nearly 50 years in West Philly
Entrepreneur Tedd Hall says he always had a passion for business and a keen sense for fashion, leading him and his wife to open women's boutique Babe in West Philly in 1972.

WEST PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Entrepreneur Tedd Hall says he always had a passion for business and a keen sense for knowing what people want in fashion. This led him and his wife, Miriam, to open Babe, a fashion boutique for women, in 1972 on 52nd Street in West Philadelphia.

"It was a whole different era," said Hall. "There was such a thirst for new fashions, away from the department stores."

Hall says he saw the need for a quality clothing store in the neighborhood where his wife was born and raised.

He says he was able to open the store with just a handful of money and be successful.

"The timing was right," he explained. "The boutique era allowed you to become profitable."

Back in the day Hall had three shops, but he consolidated long ago, putting his focus on Babe.

"We're still trying to do the best we can with giving people the best fashions that are out there," said Hall. "People tell me all the time - they don't see this stuff anywhere."

The store now carries a variety of women's clothing for all ages, making it a one-stop shop for fashion. He has shoes, dresses, coats, and handbags, among other items.

Hall says over the years, he and his wife traveled the world to find those unique items customers have come to expect.

"I always wanted to go to the source, so that I could see the full picture of what's out there and make my choices as to what I think the customer wants," he said.

Hall says what draws him to a piece of clothing is often the design.

"I have to like it, otherwise I can't sell it," he said.

Finding distinctive pieces for his customers and seeing their reaction in the store means a lot to Hall.

"That raises me up. That's why I've been doing it for 52 years," he said.

And he has no plans to stop.

"Retirement is just not quite an option for me," said Hall.

For more information, visit Babe on Facebook.