Robots ready to serve you at new sci-fi seafood restaurant!

Thursday, July 4, 2019
Robots work at new sci-fi seafood restaurant!
Check out these adorable bots that bring sci-fi and seafood together at a new restaurant in Delaware!

NEWARK, Del. -- The robots are here and they are ready to serve you!

When you step into Robot Captain Crabs Cajun Seafood and Bar, you'll be greeted by tiny Chinese robots named Callie and Shirley. Along with their three food-running friends, they mosey around the restaurant with the press of a button.

Creator Guang Chen decided to bring the concept to America after seeing the bots in China. He combined it with his father's special Cajun cuisine to create Robot Captain Crabs.

The grand opening was just a few weeks ago, but employees say they are already seeing success.

General Manager John Soysal says the robots have not replaced any human jobs. Instead, he says the robots help make their jobs easier. He considers it an aesthetic choice for the restaurant.

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