Husband of Pennsylvania native found dead says he's receiving death threats

Wednesday, December 2, 2020
Alexis Sharkey's husband says he's receiving death threats
Tom Sharkey says Alexis wasn't always the happy person she portrayed on social media and revealed the last conversation he had with his wife.

HOUSTON (WPVI) -- The husband of a Pennsylvania native and Instagram influencer who was found dead this past weekend in Texas told 6abc's sister station KTRK that his wife wasn't always the happy person she portrayed on social media.

Tom Sharkey spoke to KTRK's Steve Campion about his wife, Alexis Sharkey, in a phone conversation Tuesday. Sharkey sounded very upset and emotionally distraught. He said he's been struggling very hard.

He called Alexis his "everything" and said they shared a Thanksgiving meal together Thursday morning. He said the loss of his life partner has left him destroyed.

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A Houston public works employee reported finding a naked woman's body on the side of the road over the weekend. Sadly, police confirm it is Alexis Sharkey, who went missing after Thanksgiving.

Sharkey said he's received death threats since his wife's disappearance and death made headlines across the country. Sharkey described his marriage as happy. He said they weren't filing for a divorce.

"She wasn't happy. She was stressed. I would cuddle her to try to make her strong. She was an amazing woman. Sir, my wife was an amazing woman. She really was. There's always other sides to everything. I was the one holding her, cuddling her, and building her back up," said Sharkey. "I don't need to set the record straight. I'll let it play out the way it is. I know what my life was with my wife."

The six-minute conversation was disjointed, moving from thought to thought. Sharkey told Campion he figured out the woman found on the side of a road was his wife.

He said he went to the medical examiner's office on Sunday morning, looking for Alexis.

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"It's horrible. People are talking tons of crap. I'm getting death threats and stuff. None of that bothers me. What bothers me is that world and everybody in it focuses on all of the stuff that doesn't matter ... should have been focused on finding my wife," said Sharkey. "Everybody was still looking for her, and I located her Sunday morning in the coroner's office. They couldn't ID my wife. They didn't know who she was. She was just there."

Sharkey said when he last saw his wife, he warned her not to drive.

"She understood me. I understood her. We didn't fight when she left. I just told her she couldn't drive under the influence," said Sharkey. "She left anyhow. This is where we're at."

The husband didn't elaborate on those claims or offer specifics about the circumstances.

He told Campion he's been cooperating with homicide detectives and said he turned over all of his wife's messages, emails, and phone calls. He said he feels confident the Houston Police Department can figure out what's going on, "going to find everyone that was involved."

He abruptly ended the conversation.

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm not a jerk," said Sharkey. "I'm just destroyed."