Turning 104, local World War II veteran to be honored in Washington, D.C.

NEWTOWN SQUARE, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- Monday is Veteran's Day, but for a World War II veteran from Newtown Square, it will also be his 104th birthday.

He'll be spending the day in Washington D.C., where he's being honored for his service to our country.

"Humbling, just humbling...I think there so many other guys they could honor," said Lt. Henry Eugene Vickers.

Vickers' family says he's the oldest living WWII veteran to receive this commemorative plaque from the U.S. Navy.

Serving for more than four years after volunteering for duty, Vickers raised four daughters with his wife and has more than two dozen grandchildren and great-grandchildren combined.

His service and sacrifice have been celebrated for several decades in his community, but this Veteran's Day has a new meaning.

"It's nice," said Vickers. "I'm glad. I'm alive at my age. I don't feel old, no older than I did 10 years ago."

Young in spirit, this member of the greatest generation is a living reminder of those who volunteered to serve.
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