Use pet fitness plan to keep your own on track

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Monday, December 30, 2019

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WPVI) -- Less than 25% of people who resolve in the new year to get healthier actually stick it more than a month.

However, your pet could keep you on track.

Veterinarian Laurie Millward adopted Mitch, a 147 pound black lab, to help save him from obesity.

When she started HIS diet & exercise plan, she started her own, too.

They started slowly, being more active together, and swapping food treats for extra love & attention.

Mitch is down more than 60 pounds and happier.

And Millward is training for races.

"The joy that running gives him also gives me joy, and so I feel like that is motivation along to go out and exercise," says Dr. Millward.

Experts at Ohio State Veterinary Medical Center say if you don't have a dog, volunteer to walk your neighbor's, or those at a local shelter.