NextFab makers are crafting the next generation of creatives with their Maker Series

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Wednesday, January 10, 2024
NextFab's group of makers is crafting the next generation of creatives
This group of makers is crafting the next generation of creatives. With their set of various classes, people can find a start or advance their skills.

SOUTH PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- At NextFab, creative minds are being molded with their various classes within the Maker Series.

Whether people are looking to start crafting or advance pre-existing skills, there is a place for them within their community.

With this new program kicking off, there are four classes to participate in: "Make your own artisan box series, design your own set of leather accessories, create your own wooden game board, and design your own hoop earrings," said Director of Service Development, Anna Solomon.

Found within their South Philadelphia location, there is everything from basic tools to advanced level technology.

"You can come in, use this like your own shop, or we can also teach you how to use almost any tool in the whole building," said Solomon.

South Philly location manager, Scott Newcomb, teaches the class on crafting a game board out of wood.

"I actually started off as a member here... I always say to teach is to learn twice. In the efforts of myself wanting to learn as much as possible, teaching other people I felt was the fastest way to really internalize what you're learning," said Newcomb.

For more information on NextFab, check out their website.