Working from home turning into pain in backs, necks, and wrists

After months of working from home in makeshift offices, more Americans are complaining of back, neck and wrist pains.

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Friday, July 24, 2020
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Months of work at makeshift desks and on laptops during the COVID-19 pandemic is causing muscle and joint discomfort, according to one expert, who offers tips to relieving those pa

After months of working from home in makeshift offices, Americans are hurting, physically.

There's a rising chorus of complaints about back, neck and wrist pains.

"You lost a nice desk height. You lost a good office chair. You lost your desktop computer and are now using a laptop more frequently and this leads to kind of three areas which I've really seen an increase in kind of musculoskeletal complaints," says Dr. Andrew Bang, a chiropractor,at the Cleveland Clinic

Bang says fatigued and spasming muscles need a change in position.

So get up and move around every hour, and try standing for a few phone calls.

Swapping out that kitchen table chair for an exercise ball for half-hour breaks will also help.

Many of patients are complaining of sore wrists, from overuse in an unnatural position.

"If you're having a lot of wrist pain, there are ergonomic mouses that, instead of your wrist being at a flat, it's called pronated position, where your palm is facing down towards the desk. They prop your wrist at a either 90 position, or a 45 position, which puts your wrist bones at a more natural alignment which can take pressure off of those nerves that get irritated."

Once you change your position, muscles should feel better in about three days.