Will travel for tickets? Phillies fans head to Houston to catch a game

At Minute Maid Park you can get a seat for about $700. Tickets here at home are going for about $1,200.

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Tuesday, October 25, 2022
Phillies fans head to Houston, shell out big bucks for tickets
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Game 1 in Houston is now just three days away, and despite the distance, and short notice - some fans are already planning their trip to Minute Maid Park.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- World Series tickets are about half the price in Houston as they are in Philadelphia.

Everyone agrees the demand is higher here because we haven't seen a World Series in a while.

Best time to buy, "The sweet spot for game one is Thursday afternoon, Thursday night," said Kyle Zorn of TickPick.

TickPick analysts say to wait to buy. Depending on how well the Phils play, prices could soar, or they could ground out.

At Minute Maid Park you can get a seat for about $700. Tickets here at home are going for about $1,200.

"That could increase depending how the First two games go in Houston," said Zorn.

The prices could fluctuate by about 20-30%

Carol Brown declined such a pricey offer from her son.

"He wanted to buy me a ticket, but I wouldn't let him. It's too much money," she said.

Others have already booked their flight.

"The ticket prices, it just made more sense including having a place to stay," said Peter Giombetti.

Giombetti, of Malvern, and his dad are lifelong fans heading out early Saturday and staying with family in Houston for Game 2.

"The price after resale was on average half of what we were noticing in Philadelphia when we looked," said Giombetti.

Phans of Philly organizes trips each season and they're offering tickets to games one and two and a hotel stay for $1,800. Phillies Red will be taking seats from the Astros faithful.

"There's not as much demand and hunger as Philadelphia fans," said Joe diBiaggio, who owns Phans of Philly. He's headed out on Friday morning.