Bandits rampage through Holmesburg

December 9, 2007 9:01:12 PM PST
There was a robbery spree overnight in one Philadelphia neighborhood. One of the victims was a teenager who had just gotten his very first paycheck. Now, police are wondering if this is all part of a larger crime ring.It happened on the 7400 block of Torresdale Avenue around 1:30 this morning. A 16-year-old, just off the late holiday shift from his job at Franklin Mills, was walking home with his first paycheck just cashed. Antoine was in front of Danny Boy's Irish Pub, just three blocks from home, when he was jumped by a gang of armed robbers.

Antoine tells Action News, "I was on the ground and they were taking all my stuff and the guy said he should have shot me because I ran." Antoine went on to say the robbers seemed young, maybe in their late teens or early 20's. They took the cash from his first paycheck, his cellphone, and even his shoes and socks.

"He goes to work every day. The kid works hard, and he tries to do the right thing. He's walking his girlfriend home ? something like that is ridiculous," said the victim's father, Andrew.

Police say the armed robbers didn't stop there. The masked men then went into the bar and robbed the bartender and patrons before fleeing down Torresdale Avenue. Investigators tell Action news there were at least 6 other armed robberies in the overnight hours from between the 5200 and 7700 blocks of Torresdale.

This morning police picked up 3 men in connection with some of the robberies. They have impounded a white Chevy police believe was the get away car. Detectives are trying to determine if they are responsible for the robberies outside and inside of Danny Boy's Irish Pub and several more robberies in the surrounding areas over the last 24 to 48 hours.

Antoine did receive some good news today. A woman who wants to remain anonymous saw our reports this morning and offered to give the 16-year-old back the money he lost during the robbery.

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