Foreclosures hit home

July 17, 2009 4:38:57 PM PDT
In Delaware County, the Sheriff's office seems to be going in one direction and a judge seems to be going in another. There were nearly 100 sales at today's Delaware County Sheriff Sale.

A massive drop from the beginning of the day when over 400 houses were up for grabs; one of whom belonged to Maria Pothier who fell behind in her mortgage payments after losing her job.

"I thought I could save it from my savings or from my investments and I almost lost all of my investment," Pothier said.

Maria caught a break today as the sale of her house is now postponed for a month.

"I hope it's not going to get sold. I don't think it will get sold. It's not for sale. Maybe one day, but not now," Pothier said.

While Maria's house was spared today, her problems are far from over. With not enough money to make the payments, she doesn't know what the solution is, but is certain she will fight.

The Sheriff's office is trying to help many just like Maria, but a judge struck down a plea from the county sheriff to help people avoid today's sales and stay in their homes.

This morning's hearing was delayed several hours as some individuals filed to remove their home from today's sale, whether by coming up with the money or filing for bankruptcy. Despite the judge's decision today, the Sheriff's office is going ahead with a mortgage diversion program as they try to get people to meet with credit counselors earlier in the process.

"A lot of times people don't take advantage of that because at the beginning of the process because people are still in denial and they're grasping at straws and they think the situation will get better on its own and we know it won't," Delaware County Solicitor John McBlaine said.

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