Back to school shopping strategies

Plus new online saving tools!
August 11, 2009 3:09:39 PM PDT
If you haven't started your back to school shopping yet don't worry we have tips to save you time and money, plus, new tools that just launched online Tuesday to help budget-conscious families. The back to school list hasn't changed.

"Crayons, notebooks, folders, erasers, scissors," said Lisa Arra of Havertown.

But for many, the shopping strategy is different this year.

"We're definitely using our coupons and this is the third place we've been today," said Kim Wetzel of Berwyn.

As for the deals parents are finding?

"I don't think they're any better than last year but again, we're starting three weeks earlier so we don't have to do the rush when we get back from the shore."

So use coupons, comparison shop, and start early and here's another way to save money, time and stress: have your list out and ready.

"The guests who come with a list are usually in and out quickly because they know what they want," said Darren Henderson of Target.

And if you're shopping online two new ways to save launched just recently.

For its back to school promotion, Microsoft will now pay you up to 50-percent cash-back to use its new search engine called Bing. Just shop online through the Bing search engine and Microsoft will give you a cash refund for a portion of your purchase price! The site lists hundreds of participating stores.

And Yahoo has unveiled its new Deals Web site. It offers daily deals, coupons, and information about ongoing sales and promotions.

And here at Action News, we just updated the Sunday circulars under our Weekly Sales tab. You'll find the best of back to school bargains there.

And if you'd like to personalize your pencil case with stickers and paint, you can do that for free at Michael's craft stores Saturday August 15th.

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