Police warning Abington Twp. homeowners about string of break-ins

Police say the burglars are targeting houses that appear to be unoccupied.

Tuesday, December 14, 2021
Police warning Abington homeowners about string of break-ins
Abington Police are warning homeowners after a series of break-ins in the last three weeks.

ABINGTON TWP., Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- Abington police are warning homeowners after a series of break-ins in the last three weeks.

Police say thieves target wealthier neighborhoods, with three break-ins occurring on Stocton Road in Meadowbrook.

"They're trying to target homes where nobody is home," said Detective Lieutenant Steven Fink of Abington Township Police. "They smashed their way in through the back of the house and on one occasion, they ran up to the master bedroom and stole some property belonging to the residents."

Officials said they do not believe the suspects are dangerous, as they ran away in two separate break-ins when they discovered the homeowners were inside.

"We believe they're looking for houses that either have no lights on, no cars in the drive, where it just has an overall appearance where no one is home," said Fink. "Trash cans haven't been brought in yet, mail is still in the mailbox. They're hoping that no one is home in these houses."

Officials say they believe the same suspects are responsible for a string of robberies in Warrington, Bucks County. Police say there are steps homeowners can take to deter these suspects.

"We would advise homeowners to leave your lights or timers if you can. If you're going away for an extended period of time, if you have a car you usually park in the garage -- maybe a neighbor or something can park in your driveway to make sure it looks like someone is home."