Student charged in Millersville lockdown

April 2, 2008 7:07:21 PM PDT
A Millersville University student charged in connection with a campus lockdown is being treated at a hospital . That from a judge who's handling the case of 24-four-old Joel Yodis of Phoenixville.

Yodis was arraigned before another judge last night on charges of making terroristic threats and disorderly conduct. Yodis was transported to Lancaster County Prison, but Warden Vincent Guarini says he was turned away because he needed a psychiatric evaulation before he could be admitted.

Millersville District Judge Leo Eckert inherited the case from the arraigning judge. He says he did not realize that Yodis was not in prison until today, after Yodis' parents had paid his 50-thousand dollars' cash bail and the constable dispatched to pick him up from the prison called to say he wasn't there.

The judge's office also told a reporter in early afternoon that Yodis was in the prison.

The campus of the state-owned university was locked down for about two hours Tuesday after a student wrote a letter to a professor saying he was afraid to go to class.

An affidavit filed by university police says the charges stem from an argument between Yodis and another student in a classroom on March 26th and subseuqent "erratic" behavior.

There is no telephone listing for Yodis' family in Phoenixville. Eckert said the parents had not retained a lawyer when he talked with them.