Judge denies parole for Garrett Reid

December 19, 2007 9:23:09 AM PST
Garrett Reid will be spending the holidays in a familiar place - Montgomery County jail.

Judge Steven O'Neill has denied parole for the oldest son of Eagles coach Andy Reid.

Garrett Reid was expected to be paroled on Christmas Eve.

However, Judge O'Neill wants the 24-year-old put into a drug treatment program for his heroin addiction, not sent home.

Reid had already been sentenced to 8 to 23 months in jail for causing a crash in Plymouth Township in January while high on heroin.

Police say he smuggled 89 pills into the prison the week he was sentenced for a DUI crash.

He waived his preliminary hearing for allegedly smuggling the pills, which means he'll head to trial.

His younger brother, Britt, is in jail for an unrelated offense.