Vigil for victims of unsolved murder

STANTON, Del. - December 26, 2007

They keep coming back to the spot where the murders happened because the killer remains on the loose.

The father and mother of the two victims greeted each other warmly amid a biting cold drizzle and the cold hard fact that the killer of their loved ones remains unknown.

Jessica Watson was only 22-years-old. Matthew Macerato was 18. Both were working alone at the Casual Male Big and Tall store in the high-profile shopping strip on Kirkwood Highway between Wilmington and Newark.

At the time, police said, it appeared the killer was let into the store right after it was closed. The victims were shot execution style in the basement, cash was missing from the register and the back door was found open. The store did not have a surveillance camera.

Despite billboards plastered in the area and a large reward being offered, the case remains unsolved. Authorities believe someone out there has the tip that can solve this case. Anyone with information is asked to contact Delaware Crimestoppers at 800-TIP-3333.

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