Mummers Parade memories made, results in

January 1, 2008 9:33:43 PM PST
The Mummers brought tradition and fun into 2008. The Mummers Day Parade ends on 2 Street, but begins on Broad Street.

It was a rainbow of colors and glitz marching down the roadway.

"Exciting, it's fun. It's always fun," Barb McGarvey of Glenolden said.

Despite a three-hour weather delay, the grandstands were packed.

"It was hot earlier, then it became very cold," Mummer's fan, Waathig Hall, said.

The mood was just as festive inside the Convention Center where the Fancy Brigades performed.

It was certainly a day to the cut the rug.

This year marked Zoe MacMillan's first time at the Mummer's Day Parade.

"We just wanted to experience the Mummers and the tradition of the Mummers," MacMillan said.

Just like Zoe MacMillan, this event is a tradition to many people.

Carla Howard can't remember a New Years without the Mummers.

For many at the parade, it is the only way to kick off 2008.

"I am enjoying it. This is lovely, it's beautiful weather, this is my season," Carla Howard said.

The fun of the event is also seeing who will win. Here are the results of the Mummers Parade 2008:

Comic - Murray
Fancy - Golden Sunrise
String Band - Fralinger
Fancy Brigade - Shooting Stars