Votes expected on new taxes in New Jersey

January 3, 2008 5:32:48 PM PST
Assembly and Senate lawmakers on Thursday pushed several new tax bills toward final votes next week.

The bills would:

- Allow the city of Newark to impose as much as a 5 percent ticket tax at the new Prudential Center.

- Allow cities to impose a 7 percent parking tax during sporting events, trade shows, concerts and other special events on weekday evenings, weekends and holidays.

- Impose a new $3 per ton tax on solid waste facility owners and collectors to support municipal and county recycling.

Another bill would create a recycling program for consumer electronics. A Senate version would impose a $10 fee on the sale of each new television, but the Assembly bill would require manufacturers to pay. The differences must be overcome for the bill to become law.

Monday is the last day of the current legislative session.