Tuned In to Ben Arnold

January 5, 2008 Okay, maybe not, but it was an intelligent signing nonetheless, much like the songs of Ben Arnold.

Arnold's sound is filled with bluesy, thought-provoking lyrics and meaningful tones. As in his first track, Suckin' Honey, off his latest album Nevermind the Blues, Arnold can go from a soulful verse right into an upbeat chorus, but no matter what the tempo, the stories of his song keep you attentive throughout.

Philadelphia's own Ben Arnold (though he was born in Pittsburg, the city of brotherly love can claim him now) has been getting rave reviews for years. In 1995, Arnold released his first major label recording with Ruffhouse/Columbia Records , Almost Speechless. Since that time, he has not stopped for a breather on his path to stardom.

Through the ensuing years, Arnold was able to display his forte in front of live crowds, along with some of music industry's big names including Ryan Adams, David Gray, Ben Folds, Lucinda Williams, Ron Sexsmith, Townes Van Zandt, and Randy Newman. The latter of which is surely one of Arnold's mentors, as his song-styling is reminiscent in Arnold's infectious sound.

Arnold has created his first "MTV-style" music video correlating with his Timeless track. Though, it is definitely enjoyable to watch the music video story unfold, it is still the lyrics from Arnold that captivates. Arnold is able to swiftly change from topic to topic. From the headlines of music past to the story of Adam and Eve, he declares his stance on the subjects, without coming off rigid and stern, but still holding his own unmistakable voice.

His album released in the Fall, Nevermind the Blues, is sure to please to Arnold's growing fan base and bring in some new listeners, who enjoy a meaningful story in their songs.

Action News caught up with Ben Arnold during a "Free at Noon" show at The World Cafe Live.

You are now Tuned In to Ben Arnold!


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