Nutter looking forward to inauguration

January 7, 2008 6:58:05 AM PST
If you're away from a television, you can still see Michael Nutter take the oath of office Monday starting roughly 10:10 a.m.!

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Today, Michael Nutter will be sworn in as mayor and Charles Ramsey will become the new police commissioner.

Michael Nutter hustled to City Hall Sunday morning, too preoccupied with pre-inauguration preparations to notice the new welcome banners that were hung bearing his name.

Inside City Hall workers were busy removing things left by former Mayor John Street's administration, while outside Nutter joked about getting rid of his title... mayor elect. "Well, I've been called a few things so I'm enjoying that it'll be nice to get the final title."

A more serious mayor-to-be talked about his major priorities, saying, "We have to tackle the issues of crime and education, creating jobs in Philadelphia and opportunities. Certainly cleaning up some of the things that have happened in the past in terms of ethics reform and great change here in the city."

Of course Michael Nutter isn't the only one filled with anticipation about the coming days at City Hall. City residents also have some high hopes and high priorities for the mayor.

Philadelphia voter Pat Gisert tells Action News, "I'm hoping he'll do what he said, that he'll clean up the city both physically and the politics."

After settling in at his new office in the round house, Charles Ramsey sat down for an interview with Action News. Philadelphia's new top cop is no stranger to TV cameras. It was Ramsey who faced the national media during the Washington DC sniper attacks back in 2002. Ramsey retired after the arrest of the shooters, but was lured back into law enforcement by mayor elect Michael Nutter who challenged this tough as nails veteran police chief to turn Philadelphia's crime rate around.

For nine years Ramsey led DC's police department at a time when Washington was called the murder capitol of the United States.

Ramsey tells us, "DC has been known for it's violence for a lot of years and certainly we were able to make some significant progress in impacting the number of homicide shootings and robberies. You name it, we were able to reduce crime significantly in the District of Columbia."

Ramsey spent his first day in Philadelphia getting acquainted with fellow cops. He and his new boss say they're eager to get to work.

On Sunday a lighthearted Nutter wanted to savor his excitement, saving serious talk for Monday, saying only, "It's a new day." A new day that will bring new challenges. But when it comes to law enforcement Michael Nutter hired a man who says he's used to overcoming challenges. With 39 years of police work behind him, and a new career ahead, Charles Ramsey vows to bring positive changes to the police department.

"We're going to work as hard as we can. There's no crystal ball in this business so I can't predict anything but I'm going to work as hard as I can. And I'm sure the men and women of this department are going to do the same," said Ramsey.

Ramsey calls himself a people person who likes to stay busy, and busy is exactly what he'll be at Philadelphia's police headquarters.