Lawsuit against Celebration Studios

January 18, 2008 7:15:34 PM PST
Since we first aired our story about Celebration Studios Wednesday, Action News has received a number of calls from other alleged victims. We've also received new information about a class-action lawsuit against the company.

Brides in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York are complaining Celebration Studios took their money then closed down and failed to provide the young couples with their precious pictures.

"Those are the only memories of our wedding that we have."

The situation is especially painful for Danielle Lyter of Schwenksville. Her maid of honor and best friend Jenn died a year after her 2006 wedding never seeing the video and photo album Celebration was suppose to deliver. Now Danielle is wondering if she will ever see those wedding memories.

"It was hard enough realizing that she wouldn't get to see the album but now realizing where not going to have an album, its hard."

And Action News has learned an attorney in New York, from the Burney Law Firm, has filed a lawsuit against Celebration Studios. He told us he has received calls from several hundred alleged victims and is trying to get the suit certified as a class-action. The attorney has also applied for an emergency restraining order to force the company to preserve all photos, videos, business records, etc.

Celebration Studios has told Action News it is already trying to do that but may file for bankruptcy.

Meantime, the Pennsylvania Attorney General continues to encourage affected consumers to file complaints with his office.

Some DelMarva Powercustomers are getting hit with higher bills this month. Here's why, in 2006 many customers were enrolled in the Delaware Electric Rate Phase-In Plan. That means you didn't pay the new full rate for electricity which went into effect in May 2006. Instead, the full rate increase was deferred until December 2007 so you're just seeing higher bills now. The phase-in charges will continue for the next 16 months in equal payments.

And all Delmarva Power customers could see their bills go up even more in the near future. A utility spokesperson said the company had to spend millions of dollars to investigate alternative sources of electricity and it expects customers to pick up at least some of the cost.

A commission plans to hold a hearing on the issue later this year.