Pure Weight Loss lawsuit

January 24, 2008 4:22:13 PM PST
Customers of a now-defunct weight loss business wanted to lose extra pounds... But instead - some lost their money. And now they've lost their tempers. Pennsylvania's attorney general heard the complaints against Pure Weight Loss. Today he filed a lawsuit against the company. More than 8-hundred consumers have filed complaints against Pure Weight Loss with the Pennsylvania Attorney General's office. Together they say they're owed about half a million-dollars! The A-G sat down with Action News exclusively yesterday - to give us a preview of the lawsuit his office just filed against the Horsham-based company.

Tens of thousands of people signed up with Pure Weight Loss in hopes of shedding some pounds. But in the end they ended up lost their hard earned money.

"We definitely want our money back, said Charlotte Aiken of West Philadelphia. Customers entered into long term contracts and pre-paid the company $880 to $2000.

They were promised weight loss counseling services, supplements, and pre-packaged goods. Action News first reported last month, that Pure Weight Loss announced on December 14th it would be shutting down its 400 hundred locations across the country on January 4th.

"We are making every effort we can to return as much money to the consumers," said Pennsylvania Attorney General Tom Corbett.

Corbett is now suing Pure Weight Loss and its owner, Vahan Karian. "He continued to sell even though he knew the business was closing," said Corbett.

"He knew the business was in serious trouble. Number of tax liens, lawsuits filed against him."

And one of the company's major meal suppliers cut Karian off because he wasn't getting paid. Pure Weight Loss, which used to be called L.A. Weight Loss, has filed for bankruptcy. The companies owner has not.

"We're attempting to pierce the corporate veil so he will be held responsible for the actions of the company," added Corbett.

Action News visited Karian's home in Lower Gwynned today.

No one came to the door.

Meantime, the Attorney Generals lawsuit against Pure Weight Loss alleges numerous violations included unfair trade practices, deceptive sales, and consumer fraud.