Delivery drivers targeted in Reading

January 28, 2008 4:26:36 PM PST
It may not be the truck robbery capital of the world, but police say seven truck drivers have been held up in Reading since December 27th.

The owners and employees of La Antillera 2 Grocery Store on West Douglass Street say they were hoping these robberies would not spill over into their neighborhood.

Their hopes were dashed Monday morning when a delivery truck driver, who had just brought ice cream products to the store, was held up at gunpoint.

Lucrecia Amor, one of the shop owners, says when the deliveryman left, three men quickly surrounded him. At least one had a gun pointed at him, while one of the others rifled through his pockets.

The thieves made away with the $100 he was just paid for the ice cream delivery.

Cashier Diana Tavarez says she is thankful the thieves didn't try robbing her bodega.

Investigators say in each of the seven robberies, the thieves have made away with cash amounts between 100 and 500 dollars.

Some of the drivers are now refusing to deliver to convenience stores in Reading until this problem is resolved.

Luis Tejada, who owns a bodega a few blocks away, wants to start a community watch-dog group in an effort to unite convenience store owners in the city.