Candidates and the environment

January 31, 2008 5:20:04 PM PST
Action News is taking a look at the candidates and their stances on the environment.We love our green spaces, and need fresh air and water. But there are questions about what it will take for us to maintain our natural beauty and deal with the environment. DEMOCRATS

The Democrats are very similar. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton support efforts to cap and reduce carbon emissions. They agree on utilities upping their renewable energy usage tenfold, up to 20 percent over the next decade.

Cllinton would try to get Americans to cut their energy usage by 20 percent and Obama by 50 percent over the next fifteen to twenty years.


For the republicans, McCain and Huckabee would cap carbon emissions and Romney would consider it if there was a global agreement.

Only McCain has a plan to reduce carbon emission, pushing a 65 percent decrease by 2050.

McCain and Huckabee favor a limited increase in gas mileage standards, while Romney opposes taking action.

All the republicans support reducing energy consumption but none would set benchmarks.

McCain opposes making utilities increase their renewable energy use. Romney has no position. Only Huckabee would support the idea, working for a 15 percent increase by 2020.

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