Star Wars comes to the Franklin Institute

February 5, 2008 4:05:29 AM PST
If you're a Star Wars fan then "may the force be with you" at the Franklin Institute in Center City. A new exhibit at the museum is out of this world! It's Star Wars fun and real science. Take a ride in Hans Solo's starship, "the Millenium Falcon." The simulator uses imagery from the Hubble space telescope to teach visitors about our galaxy. Right outside the starship: Darth Vadar, Yoda, Storm troopers, C3PO and R2D2. They're all there!

The Franklin Institute is hosting the first Star Wars exhibit to ever have the real props and costumes from all six Star Wars movies.

You can ride a hovercaft or teach a robot to walk and play along with a robot who is testing his vision and trying to comprehend what he sees.

Steve Snyder is the VP of Exhibit and Program design at the Franklin Institute. "One of our hopes is that a child coming here or one of us older Star Wars geeks will be inspired to learn from the technology and change the world themselves."

Tickets for the Star Wars exhibit will be dated and timed so you might want to get them in advance. The show opens to the public this Saturday and runs through May 4.

The Franklin Institute