It's Happening Here - Froose

February 6, 2008 7:02:05 PM PST
Denise Devine was a frustrated mom.

Her young son was crazy about juice, sucking down multiple boxes a day.

But Devine was horrified when she realized all the sugars in the supposedly healthy drinks. She looked, but found no good alternatives. Everything was based on juice concentrates and high fructose corn syrup, with their gut-busting sugar calories.

So Devine came up with an idea: what about a juice based on whole grains, something that was tasty but would give her kids a healthy dose of fiber?

Devine had no food background and immediately knew she couldn't whip this up in her blender or on the stove.

Instead she went to universities and contracted with food scientists. She raised money through special programs for inventors and got a patent.

Finally, after years of "No" she has made Froose, a drink based on whole wheats like brown rice. It's lightly flavored with real fruits, like peach and pear.

Hear how Devine made it happen and how she's going to face down her next challenge: getting Froose into markets.