Mrs. Fixit: Tennis Balls

February 16, 2008 1:43:29 AM PST
Sure you can use a can of tennis balls to show your juggling prowess, but how else can you use these tennis balls? Well, I can show you!

Carefully cut a slit in a tennis ball and you can hide valuables inside, no one will ever be the wiser!

You can use that same tennis ball with the slit to easily remove scuff marks from floors. Insert the end of a broom handle into the ball and use it to buff away those marks.

As a bonus, the ball will also help keep your broom from scuffing up the wall when you lean against it.

Whether you are a tennis player or not tennis balls can come in handy for fixing sore muscles.

For sore feet place the ball on the ground and roll it back and forth under your foot. the best part is you can do both feet at one time!

Sore back and neck muscles? Put three of four tennis balls inside the leg of and old pair of nylons and tie off the two ends. You end up with a massager that you can move back and forth over your neck and back to work out those kinks!

If you have one really tense spot on your back, stand up near a wall and press the ball between yourself and the wall, feels great!

Just a few ideas that prove tennis balls should come off the court and into the house! I'm mrs. fixit and it's just that simple.