Cookie truck dangles off I-95

February 14, 2008 4:18:44 PM PST
A truck container apparently fell off a tractor-trailer and sent metal and cookies all over two busy Delaware Valley highways.

The accident just after 1 p.m. happened along the I-95 northbound ramp onto I-476.

The truck's container fell off the side of the truck and some of the cookies fell onto I-476 below.

It is one of the busiest interchanges in the Delaware Valley and traffic quickly backed up for miles on both highways.

No one was injured.

Wreckers were called in to carefully lower the trailer to the ground below.

The cookies appear to have been made in Hondouras.

The cookies were apparently not a rush order by the Girl Scouts.

In fact, the police say there doesn't appear to be any rushing involved, with speed, apparently not a factor.