Who's working in your home?

Viewer discretion is advised for the video!
February 14, 2008 8:59:30 PM PST
Most of us hire contractors to work in our homes whether it's to paint, remodel, or service equipment. But what you don't know about the person you're hiring could put you in a potentially dangerous or disturbing situation.

Viewer discretion is advised for the video! The surveillance video is disturbing.

Action News received the surveillance video during the summer but decided not to air it until we learned of a second similar case and felt compelled to alert our viewers.

911 Tape
Stetser: "Because there was a man at the house here."

Dispatcher: "Who is the man?"

Stetser: "The man with the energy efficient." (She breathes heavily.)

The desperate voice on the 911 call belongs to Lucille Stetser. Since the night Lucille made that call she has never been the same.

"I don't have service people come to the house to do things. I live under a blanket of fear for my child," Lucille said.

Lucille opened her doors to Glenn Flacco. He was a technician employed by Honeywell, which works with PSE&G to offer home weatherization audits.

"I couldn't believe what I was seeing. WHAT?!?"

Flacco performed a sexual act on himself in the Stetser's kitchen. Lucille and her teenage daughter could see from the next room. Lucille confronted Flacco.

"And he got up and he went to sit next to me all exposed, zipper open," Lucille said. "He said sit down and I thought Oh God. I was scared to death, a fear that I've never felt before."

Lucille eventually had a moment alone to make that 911 call.

911 Tape
Dispatcher: "Who is the man?"

Stetser: "The man with the energy efficient." (She breathes heavily.)

The police responded and arrested Flacco. During his trial Flacco admitted he'd been convicted of indecent exposure twice before.

"Myself, I feel that Honeywell was negligent and that they did me a great injustice," Lucille said.

Honeywell fired Flacco after the incident and told Action News it: "conducts comprehensive background checks on all prospective employees." But adds: "we are not certain what information Honeywell had about any prior incidents when this individual was hired."

Meantime, Flacco was convicted of a lewd act and sentenced to one year of probation for exposing himself to Lucille.

He told Action News he is sorry for what he did and is now voluntarily attending group therapy.

But here's what you may find even more alarming. Flacco isn't the only contractor doing inappropriate things in other people's homes.

Action News has a second case with a different family, different contractor, different outcome and this one's all on tape.

Hidden cameras are always rolling in one particular Montgomery County home. The homeowners installed the surveillance system to monitor their child but over the summer the cameras also captured the activities of a painter they hired.

The homeowner asked not to be identified.

"You don't know how sick people are," she said.

The video shows the painter performing sexual acts on himself repeatedly and in various rooms.

"We didn't want to sleep here for a couple of days. It was like somebody had desecrated your house," the homeowner said.

Making matters worse, believe it or not, even with the video the homeowners can't prosecute the painter! Police told them they cannot charge the painter with a crime because they invited him into their home and technically he didn't expose himself or commit the lewd act in front of anyone. And because he didn't commit a crime we concealed his identity in this story.

"I'm almost sure he's doing it somewhere else," the homeowner said.

"Anything can happen anytime you let someone in your house," said Pennsylvania Attorney General Tom Corbett.

Make sure to find out if a worker coming to your home is an employee of the business you're dealing with, a subcontractor from a different company, or an independent contractor.

"Ask them if they bond their workers and do criminal background checks, current criminal background checks," Corbett said.

Also consider setting up your own surveillance system. You can get a wireless camera you can hide for as little as 100-dollars. But do realize, in Pennsylvania, it is illegal to record audio. You can only record video.

Also, PSE&G encourages customers to ask for photo I.D. cards its employees are required to carry. The company said it also requires background checks of all contractors, including subcontractors.

And, of course, make sure you don't leave your children alone with workers.

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