Delaware displays deadbeat dads

February 15, 2008 3:34:53 PM PST
The state of Delaware is going to extreme measures to get deadbeat dads to pay off their debt. The state has unveiled their 10 most wanted for back child support and together they owe more than $381,000 dollars.

Peggy McGirr's ex-husband tops the list of the so-called deadbeat dads when it comes to unpaid child support.

Carroll Mumford's picture was published after he failed to pay $141,000 in back child support for his six children. Mumford moved out of his family's home, leaving his wife of 15 years and the children behind.

McGirr says her ex recently paid $14,000 dollars, but that was only after spending 10 days in jail.

This was all a part of Delaware's latest get tough approach with delinquent child support payers.

"Yes there's embarrassment. Do we feel bad about it? No, not really?" Charles Hayward of the Division of Child Support Enforcement said.

Hayward says publishing the most wanted posters is just one way Delaware goes after child support.

McGirr applauds Delaware's aggressive tactics, and hopes the published pictures shame delinquent payers to pay their court ordered child support.

"They have to be exposed. He had other avenues and choices he could have made," Peggy McGirr said.

Pictures of the delinquent child support payers will appear in local newspapers now on a weekly basis.